unsolicited advice


I have a bit of advice for the calorie counters and chronic dieters out there. Stop counting calories. Stop feeling guilty about failing at the diets you can’t stick with. Stop beating yourself up about the pounds you can’t lose. Stop eating low-calorie things that pass for food.

This advice comes from hearing too many people talking about snacking healthy. I have seen these snacks that count as healthier. The second ingredient is usually sugar. Sugar equals empty calories. Calories you don’t want. Calories you don’t need. If you want to be healthier eat food that fills you up and makes it so you don’t want to snack.

If you want to lose those pounds and keep them off you are going to have to eat real food three times a day. Food that makes you feel full after you eat it. Veggies and high protein foods are a good start. If you don’t want to cut out your beloved bread and dairy at least find products made from real ingredients not processed food like stuff.

You are going to have to cook to be healthier. Prepared microwave meals and starter mixes aren’t going to cut it. You will need to find some skills that will get some real food onto your plate. You can still use the microwave just change-up what you are nuking. Maybe the crockpot will be your new best friend. You could try your hand at gaining some old-fashioned cooking skills. It will all take some adjusting but it will be worth it.

Questioning authority is going to have to be your motto. You will need to forget the things you learned in high school health class. There is no food pyramid. A national diet handed down from a government known for making deals with different lobbies isn’t your best bet. You are going to have to do your own research and become your on lab rat. You will need to cut things out of your diet and make drastic changes to find out what makes you feel your best.

Start with cutting out added sugar. Stop snacking and don’t eat those empty calories that are notorious for putting on the pounds you dread. Watching adults with poor eating habits doesn’t break my heart. Watching overweight children eat crap does break my heart. They can’t pick their food they trust us to do it for them. If you won’t do it for you do it for your kids. Teaching them to eat and make real food is as important as making sure they get an education. Please make them and yourselves move more. Walk, run, or just dance. Pick something and do it and be active. The longest legacy you can leave your children is a proper diet and how to take care of themselves.

Take care of yourself and the ones you love.

making time for blogging

Squeezing in time to blog lately has been really hard. Work has been busy and I have been choosing to fill my little free time with things other than blogging. I am going to try to work my way back into it. I have big things planned. Plenty of recipes made and photographed. Until then here are some great recipes I have tried.

I am in love with broiled grapefruits. We had it for the first time when we were doing our Whole 30 so there was zero sugar. Now that we are done with the Whole 30 I was very excited to try this Broiled grapefruit with Bananas from Amy at She Wears Many Hats. I found this recipe via pinterest. That led me to these 29 vegetarian paleo recipes. I need to try out some more of these. If you try none of the others please let me know which ones are good.

The next two recipes come from Georgia at The Comfort of Cooking. I made both of these one evening and it was a delicious dinner. The Layered Ratatouille looks so amazing when you make it and tastes even better.

Ratatouille (2)

Her Herb and Citrus Oven Roasted Chicken is just as delicious! It was a fun recipe for trying out or mandolin. The recipe comes together quickly and cooks for about an hour. It is becoming one of my go to recipes for leftovers. I made it tonight after work  so we would have some chicken for lunches this week.

Hopefully I can pull off spending more time blogging in the upcoming weeks. Even if it isn’t this week or next I promise I will be back sooner rather than later.

blog updates

I made the move from blogger to wordpress to have some more control and some more plugins available. I made the move in January and finally got around to making some of the changes I have wanted. Only took three months!

I finally added index pages. I don’t have all the post us there yet but if you click on the tabs at the top you can finally search around the blog a little more. Figured it might be helpful for you to be able to find some new stuff without having to know what you were looking for. I made my gallery pages using Inlinkz project manager tool (not a sponsored post). I love it so far. It is taking a fair amount of time to get all the links in there but it is coming along. Apparently the presentation can be changed but I haven’t gotten around to testing that out yet.  Until I get to that I hope you find it useful even if it isn’t pretty.

The other big change is I finally got to add a plugin so my recipes are printable. I love blogs that make it easy for me to print the recipe. I still like to print my recipes so finding recipes that have a picture dividing all the instructions and ingredients makes me a little crazy. It is a waste of paper when I want to print the recipe out. I usually end up going back and forth between my computer and the stove a million times when I want to make those. I think those posts look beautiful I just wish they would put a printable recipe at the end. At the very least put the complete recipe there so I only have to print one page! Ok, rant is done.

I think I have most of my recipes converted over now so they should be much easier for you to use. I also look forward to seeing if I can update the style of these and make them look a little fancier.  If step up my game and my recipes take off on ziplist they will help me make a custom design. I have a long way to go until that but a girl can dream.

Ziplist has some cool features for you as well. You can store recipes from around the internets (including mine!) and create a quick grocery list with the recipes you pick.

Now that you are caught up with the blog how about some updates with me…I am in week 7 of Couch to 5k. That means I only have two more weeks after this! On Monday I ran 25 minutes which ended up being just under 3 miles so I am almost to the 5k mark. I really need to find a 5k to sign up for so I can really give this a whirl. I am so excited that I can run for 25 minutes without stopping. I even managed to push myself at then end of my run. I never thought that would be possible and I was pretty impressed with myself.  After finishing the Whole 30 we have been pretty good and sticking with good clean eating. We however, leave for Disneyland on this week so all bets are off! We are calling all vacations an off time and not stressing about exactly what we eat. It is vacation after all. We will stick to our three meals we just won’t as rigid about what we eat. I am not missing my mint julep or my abuelita hot chocolate from the jolly holiday cafe. Everything is jollier with Mary! Cheerio!!