16 cookie recipes perfect for gift giving

Last year at this time I was making preparations for my marathon of baking that would ultimately become tasty packages sent across the country. I had hoped to get 85 dozen cookies baked and fell a little shy. I still managed to beat the previous years record by 500 cookies. I tripled the output from the previous year. I started preparing refrigerator dough on Thanksgiving. Since Tom will be working on Thursday night it seems that Thanksgiving baking is becoming a habit. The majority of my baking will happen on two days. I will start on December 13th and everything will be ready for the post office on the 16th. 
I am excited to see if I can break the 1,000 cookie mark this year. I have been on the lookout for some great additions to the cookies I made last year. My favorite from the last two years are Martha Stewart’s Chewy Chocolate Gingerbread cookies they are time consuming though so I have to round it out with some quick and tasty options. Including a couple hundred spritz cookies for fillers. Below are 16 new cookies I wouldn’t mind taste testing while I bake. 
You can never go wrong with a peanut butter blossom cookie. The traditional recipe you can find on a bag of hersey kisses. With all the kiss options now you can expand on a timeless favorite. I would really like to try one with the carmel filled kisses! What follows are four that caught my eye

nutella banana blossoms from a dash of cinnamon
candy cane blossoms from baked perfection
mint chocolate crinkle cookie from knead to cook
chocolate peppermint blossom from my kitchen addiction
I love oatmeal cookies. I make chocolate chip more often but I could eat more oatmeal cookies in one sitting than any other cookie. These are few of the oatmeal variations that caught my eye. The carrot cake oatmeal cookies might be a fun option for crew members at work. What would make them even better would be this paper sleeve packaging idea.


peanut butter oatmeal from mandy’s recipe box
iced oatmeal from mother thyme
monkey cookies from domestic adventure
carrot cake oatmeal from tammilee tips

Winter and the holidays welcome the addition of some cookies with spice. These four all sound like they would be good with a hot beverage on a chilly day.

mexican mocha from a spicy perspective
chai tea sugar cookie from sweet lavendar bake shoppe
carmel stuffed apple from inspired by charm
gingerdoodles from budding baketress

Similar to the blossom cookies are the thumbprint cookies. The traditional jam filled version is an all year round favorite. I have some leftover jam from my canning this summer that would be especially tasty in these little cookies. The peanut butter and jelly thumbprints make me want to start singing….It’s peanut butter jelly time!

chocolate almond thumbprints from running to the kitchen
jam filled thumbprints from love and olive oil
I will keep you posted on my progress to break the 1,000 cookie mark this year. Do you give homemade? What is your favorite cookie? Which recipe will you try? 


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    Wow! I am seriously impressed. I love to bake a ton of cookies at this time of year (no where near as many as you!), usually mostly family favorites mixed with a few new recipes. My kitchen is so small though that things will definitely be more low key this year. I can’t wait to see what you make:)

    • says

      We will see I aim high every year and then reality hits but I am hoping to get a bunch made this year. The year I had a small kitchen I had piles of cookies cooling in the living room on any surface I could find.

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