whet your whistle wednesday: issue four

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and to be honest it isn’t my favorite holiday. I love the dinner and I am thankful for so many things but I would rather move on to Christmas.  I have my radio set and ready for when the local station switches over to holiday music. Thanksgiving certainly deserves it due but after that this post is on to Christmas. 
Forty years ago A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving premiered and it is still going strong. A small idea became the magic to make it happen and the perfect recipe.
And now lets head on to Christmas…

Hanging lights can be tedious but this little kit for hanging outdoor lights is super helpful. If I have a similar product to hang my lights from the eaves of the house and I love it. I am looking forward to hanging our lights because of these handy little things. 

I always imagine that this will be the year that I send Christmas cards and it never is but I am holding out hope for myself again this year. Part one and Part two of holiday cards shows off some extremely cute ones. Part three or part four aren’t half bad either.
These tree trimming tips from Martha mention more than a few things I had never thought of and I love the tip about making your own ornament hangers.
Some time after I left home my parents increased the number of trees they put up for the holidays. We used to have one in the living room. Then my mom got her own tree in the entry way and she got to decorate it however she fancied. I have a hankering to get a little artificial tree that could be a place for cute kitchen themed ornaments.
Last year I turned the front doors into gifts. For Halloween I made it into a mummy and for Christmas this year I really want to do a take on this snowman
I always love the look of pastel holiday decorations like this felt garland. I hope I can find the right spot for them in our house this year. 
Christmas themed infographics
Christmas tree facts–where it all began
Ugly sweater knowledge — a little info before you head to your holiday party
Ingredients for a great Christmas song — get working on your own and make millions
A Christmas Carol versions – My dad’s favorite is George C. Scott not easy to find 
The cost of the 12 days of Christmas – Why are maids-a-milking only $58? 
Unique Christmas traditions around the world — one involves roller skating


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