whet your whistle wednesday: issue six

I finally made it back on a wednesday for a whet your whistle post. In honor of new years each one of the quotes relates to my new years resolutions. Last year I had quite a few goals that centered large around getting projects done and tasks. I completed some but this June update was then end of progress on the lists. This year I am going to focus on more general goals that require small improvements every week and by the end of the year should show great results.

I have to add in some projects I hope to get to so all the links are projects from pinterest that I have pinned and would love to try this year. The inspiration for this came from Prototype Mama’s recent post.

This year I would like to simply say hello to more people, open up to more people and see where it leads. I am hoping that by pushing out of my introvert comfort zone I might meet some interesting people or just make someones day. 

I did better last year making sure I drank more water but think I could improve even more and these flavored waters might be just the trick.

I love the smell of bread backing and the taste of fresh bread can’t be beat but ain’t nobody got time for that! No knead bread might be the ticket.

Maybe this will be the year I tackle making macaroons
I would love to be better at gardening this year. It all got set up and planted but I didn’t have great soil and my results were not great. I am hopeful that this season will bring enough bounty to can my own veggies.

I am looking forward to improving the garden and making it look cute. Making it cute doesn’t make the veggies grow better but it makes me want to spend more time there and these plant markers will certainly help. 
It would be fun to try a vertical garden this year and Michelle’s tutorial at Decor and the Dog made it look possible. 
I wear jeans and hawaiian shirts most days and I want to dress this up a little and really find my own style. Actually, I am close to my own style I just need to keep the confidence to rock my own style.

I would love to add key pieces to my wardrobe and this checklist is a great place to start and nicely divided by season. 
I would love to try going to some estate sales and see if I can find some great pieces to add to my collection of furniture and decorations. I need to just get started and I will do that right after I read these tips.
I am all about ideas and projects but not follow through and completion. I would like to limit the projects I start and finish more this year. I want to pick the project I am most excited about and stop making excuses about not having enough time.

I enjoyed making the advent calendar and the mobile so much I would like to continue and make some more mobiles and felt crafts this year. I have a few recent and soon to be here arrivals that should certainly have their own mobile. I found a clever way to make my own hanger I would love to try.
I should exercise more but let’s start small and just stretch more. These yoga poses and stretches that promote good sleep might be a great place to start. 
I would like to connect with more people. This is mostly a blog goal. I am hoping that over the year I create more blog friends and get to know the current ones even better.  
I want to put more energy into the blog but I want it to be on my terms and something I will be proud to show off. I want to find ways to create my own bandwagon and not just jump on what everyone else is doing.

I got a new macro lens for Christmas and would love to learn more about my camera so I can take better pictures. 

New years infographics
Unhappy people are less likely to make resolutions
How many glasses of bubbly in a holiday season?1?
How many flowers in the rose parade?
I want to make my resolutions look this pretty
What are your resolutions? Do you have lots of pins that you haven’t gotten around to trying but would like to this year? 


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    You should definitely try making macarons! They weren’t nearly as difficult to make as I thought they’d be. I used a Martha Stewart recipe, which according to that link are the unreliable kind … ha ha;) The recipe worked fine for me, although I had one batch that spread too much. I think it was more due to my hot kitchen than anything else though! Good luck.

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    Sounds like some great goals! I haven’t actually sat down and thought about what I want in 2014, and I have a TON of pins that I haven’t gotten to. Guess that should be #1 on the list! Cheers to a fabulous 2014 friend!

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