whet your whistle wednesday: issue ten

I am ready for spring and the garden. I haven’t seen anything close to the weather the rest of the country has so if I am ready you all must be overdue. We have had a mild winter out here causing us to gear up for a drought.Gardening is going to be a challenge with water restrictions. I am going to try to make it happen though because I enjoyed the garden so much last year. My success last year didn’t match the fun I had so hopefully a year of experience produces a bigger bounty.

8a0839b79e7c4d95b1882a9d2bf499ceIt will be challenging to have a productive garden during the drought but I have found some tips that will make it a little easier.

Having great soil makes it easier for plants to get nutrients with limited water. One of the best ways to get better soil is to add compost. You can make your own and I would love to try. If I finally pull it off I will start with a worm compost bin this year.

I would love to create a drip irrigation system to help focus my watering while using less water. While I will probably set us a system hooked to a hose I will also be adding water bottle drip irrigation. Recycling and water saving in one. Eat your heart out Al Gore!


One of my favorite things about gardening is watching the critters that come to visit. I made a spot just for birds and butterflies last year. I transformed a boring outdoor clothes dryer into a fun spot for the birds. Hopefully I will get around to finishing it up and make it the top spot in the neighborhood.

A bunch of cute tea-cup bird feeders complete with shade would be cute hanging above the bird garden.

Hanging paint can bird feeders in the tree would make for a party in the trees. Not to mention a feast for some of the squirrels in the yard.

What I never got right was the hummingbird feeder. I tried the cheap ones and it never worked out. For just a small splurge I would love to get this outdoorsy lantern feeder.


Marking plants as you put them in the ground is a helpful way to remember what that seed was when it looks the same as every other thing sprouting from the ground. I love these cute markers and you could get the wooden spoons for cheap at the dollar store.

Recycling objects from your house, the thrift store or other finds can add some whimsy to the garden. My favorite upcycle planters are the colander, pots and pans.

To add some more variety and height to the porch plants I would love to try a flower tower.


When you have a large bounty you have to find something to do with all those veggies. Last summer I really enjoyed trying some canning recipes. Unfortunately not with veggies from my own garden. This year I hope I can make my own tomato sauce from my own tomatoes.

Once I have it all jarred up making them cute would make for a stash of gifts for later in the year. A group of adorable  labels would be the perfect thing to make them cute and unforgettable.

I might need to grow rhubarb this year. I love mixing fruits with rhubarb to make crisps, tarts and pies but it is rhubarb rosemary jam that might encourage this tart fruit.


Welcome to the Gardening Infographic portion of your Wednesday

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